Martin Hoyle – Professional Embedded Coach

GAICD, BPS psych A & B, Cert IV TAE

Developing your key people from the inside

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Hi there – I’m Martin Hoyle, and I’m a Professional Embedded Coach. 

What’s an ’embedded’ coach? 

An embedded coach is someone who works to develop your key people from the inside of your organisation looking out, rather than the outside looking in – someone who goes to great effort to get to know you really, really well and becomes a key part of your team.

What does ’embedded coaching’ look like?

Put simply, your coach spends considerable periods ‘living’ within your company. In addition to delivering pre-arranged individual and team coaching sessions, he or she will attend team meetings, work from your offices regularly, and deliver coaching ‘ad-hoc’ as well as on a formally scheduled basis. They will become someone your people get used to having around and speaking to when they need to, rather than when it is next convenient.

Why ’embed’ a coach within your organisation?

It’s all about impact.

You see, one of the main reasons we provide coaches to our key people is so that they can be provided with precisely the individual development they need customised to meet the very specific demands of your business. To do this your coach needs two things:

  1. Great context: Your coach needs to be able to constantly demonstrate to you that ‘they get it’ – they understand your unique organisation, culture, values and ambitions – and your market.
  2. High levels of trust: Your coach needs to create and maintain an environment where all concerned can speak freely and hold frank, often confronting discussions about the important issues to be addressed.

It’s much more effective to do this as an insider rather than as an outsider.

Furthermore, embedding means your coach will be able to observe your people in action, giving feedback and coaching as and when it will have the most impact.

Who do I typically work with?

Everyone from CEO downwards, but usually with the ELT, SLT and SMT layers within an organisation.

Martin Hoyle

t:+61 (0) 414 800 425