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Harnessing the power of your human capital to achieve the immediate and strategic goals of the organisation

Craig Jennings, Managing Director, NCR Corporation: Martin has been hugely instrumental in helping my leadership team and I drive a number of complex changes around our structure and strategy to improve overall performance and reduce costs. Feedback from all team members who have interacted with Martin has been excellent. As well as improving skills and increasing productivity I have also seen our culture become a lot friendlier and professional across internal silos as his work has helped foster a lot more team interaction. I highly recommend Martin’s services to all executives and business leaders who are serious about their personal development and that of their organization/employees. Martin will very quickly understand your business and can help you unlock hidden capabilities, build a performance culture and challenge you to think differently. “

I have a global perspective with practical experience in over 20 countries worldwide across the Americas, East and West Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and have over 21 years of commercial experience working for some of the world’s most advanced telecommunications technology companies. In addition, I am a proven entrepreneur, having completed the successful management buy-out of a multi million-dollar company and grown a thriving business from start-up. I have strong operational capabilities gained through completing multiple major projects globally.

David Wright, Vice President and General Manager, Hewlett Packard PSG: “I believe you have added huge value to improve Hewlett Packard’s results and focus by the way you have worked with my teams and me personally to help design, and execute market winning strategies. In particular, your ability to provide a positive and independent view to the team, as well as to facilitate planning and individual development has given the teams and individual members of the teams far greater confidence and ability to perform. Thank you for all of your work with my team.”

I am an experienced change practitioner and specialist in the Hoshin Kanri strategic change methodology, a highly popular and impactful framework used by some of the world’s most sucessful companies.

David B Scott, Managing Director, Emerson Network Power Australia: “Martin’s rich business background and empathetic but direct approach really hits home. He quickly grasps the situation and responds with authority and believability. We introduced Martin, to our Asia Pacific president, who was also impressed and Martin was asked to facilitate a three-day workshop with all the senior management team in Singapore. This was the best team workshop I have attended and we got real concrete action plans out of it, which we are using to manage our business, over the next couple of years. I highly recommend Martin to any company or individual who wants to improve. His no-nonsense/challenging style works.

Graham Morgan, CEO, GEON: “Martin has a ‘no-nonsense’ approach to providing coaching and advice, and his personal skill at working with all stakeholders is outstanding. He has helped us to ensure that we make the most of that most scarce resource – our time and to spend it on what is important for our business. Every dollar I spend with Martin is a very good dollar spent, probably the best of the day. I would not have any hesitation in recommending him – but be prepared to be challenged!”

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