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Andrew Jessett, CEO, Mineware: “As a somewhat introverted leader, the idea of an external person coming in and observing and guiding myself and the team in such an intimate way was a foreign concept. While this was a different, and sometimes confronting experience for me and other team members, after only a short period of time we established a deep level of trust in Martin and the approach. This trust enabled us to tackle complicated and sensitive issues very openly and effectively and remains key to unlocking success. Our development, both individually and as a senior team, has been remarkable. I have absolutely no doubt that we could not have achieved our company growth and our personal growth without Martin to support and guide us. I do not believe there would be any business, regardless of size, whose management and leadership teams would not benefit from the introduction of such a development program.”

For more than twenty years I have been privileged to work with some of the most successful Executives, Managers and Professionals in their fields in world class companies. In the process I have travelled the world, working in countries such as North America, UK, Africa, China, Russia, Turkey, Germany, France, Italy, The Netherlands, The Nordics, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand – meeting professionals from all industries, backgrounds and cultures.

Douglas DeBoer – President and CEO, Domino’s Pizza China: “Martin has vast experience and knowledge in providing advice and coaching to high-level executives and teams. He also has an uncanny ability to understand people, organization and business needs. I strongly recommend Martin Hoyle to any organization or individual seeking a seasoned Executive Coach and Advisor.”

My developmental work is based around building a deep understanding of what the organisation needs from the individual and team – both today and in the future – and helping your people close the gaps in expectation through a structured programme of intensive coaching, training and development over a period of time.

Some of the projects I have undertaken involved the development of hundreds of senior executives, managers and leaders in countries all over the world – delivering major change programmes with significant positive impact on business performance.

Andy Hill, CEO, Oniqua: “We were seeking an executive developmental coach and advisor to work, initially with the two company founders at a point of inflection for the Oniqua business. Martin came highly recommended by a number of companies, and we very quickly understood why! in a very short time, Martin was able to make a real difference on both a personal and company level. He provides a challenging but supportive external perspective, a valuable source of best practice and inspiration. As well as being a wise, and experienced sounding board. We have particularly appreciated Martin’s flexible and proactive approach to helping individuals and teams in support of the company’s objectives, which has allowed Martin to quickly earn the respect and trust of all staff, to the point where he is considered very much part of the team. I highly recommend Martin to anyone looking for an executive coach/advisor.”

In addition to my long track record as a sucessful coach I bring to the individual over twenty year’s of commercial experience and strong academic and business credentials.

Delon Keswell – Managing Director, Modular Mining EMEA, CIS & India:Martin is insightful and has vast experience. He can find those hidden strengths and capabilities that leave you believing that you can do so much more than you initially thought possible. He challenged my assumptions and perceptions, and this helped me gain clarity on where I want to go. I find Martin’s approach to be different and more rewarding from my other experiences. His conversational and emotional intelligence puts you at ease. He is not afraid to take a position which is refreshing, and he has helped me develop from the risk averse and fence sitting behaviour to empower myself with mental toughness. This has been extremely rewarding and has enhanced my own personal brand. I thoroughly enjoy Martin’s blatant honesty as it continues to lead to many breakthrough moments for me – what he sees, he expresses, and he does it in a way that is uncomfortable at first (we all need wake up calls) but thought provoking. He also helps you find the changes and improvements necessary to move you forward. Our sessions have always been engaging and lively with interesting insights.

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