Testimonials and References

Here is what current and past clients say about our work together:

Andy Purvis – EGM and Chair, NCR Corporation: “It has been an extremely valuable and rewarding experience to have worked with Martin Hoyle over a number of years both in Europe and here in Australia. Our relationship started when Martin was assigned as my coach, supporting me personally in making the transition from operational middle management to senior executive leadership after the public listing of our multi-billion-dollar company on the LSE.

Finding his methods and approach extremely enlightening I then extended Martin’s remit to work with my immediate management team. Since then, I have engaged Martins’ service in numerous coaching and leadership development roles over the last 10 years. Martin has assisted me in building high-performance teams which, in turn, directly led to accelerated business performance and results here at NCR, a global corporation in which I serve as Executive General Manager and Chair of our Australian and NZ entries.  

I would have no hesitation in recommending his services”.

Dan Porter – Head of Direct Sales, Fuji Xerox: “Many of my team have reported back that after a lifetime in business they have only met a few coaches that are truly capable of helping them change the game. You are one of them. Over the time we have worked together you have enabled me to find more time, make more use of it make sure that the team functions better for it. Your style is often both confronting  and honest but it is interwoven with wonderful insights gained through decades of seeing the same challenges play out  in many organisations. Your deep immersion into our teams and in some instances our lives ensures that our sessions are relevant and topical.

Douglas DeBoer – President and CEO, Domino’s Pizza China:
“Martin has vast experience and knowledge in coaching high-level executives and teams. He also has an uncanny ability to understand people, organization and business needs. I strongly recommend Martin Hoyle to any organization or individual seeking a seasoned Executive Coach.”

Rachel Jordan-Evans, Director  Talent Acquisition & Development, Johnson Controls“I cannot recommend Martin highly enough in terms of the quality of coaching that he has brought to the GWS business. I have worked with many coaches over the years and, without doubt, Martin is the best that we have engaged with.”

Craig Steward, Sales Director, IQPC: “As a coach, Martin is engaging and inspiring but brutally honest when you need him to be. He asks you the hard questions you should be asking of yourself. I’ve been fortunate to learn from Martin, and even more fortunate to be able to pass this knowledge to my team. It has made us a better business as a result.”

Graham Morgan, CEO, GEON: “Martin has a ‘no-nonsense’ approach to coaching and his personal skill at working with all stakeholders is outstanding. He has helped us to ensure that we make the most of that most scarce resource – our time and to spend it on what is important for our business. Every dollar I spend with Martin is a very good dollar spent, probably the best of the day. I would not have any hesitation in recommending him – but be prepared to be challenged!”

Matthew Heap, Region Vice President, NCR Corporation: “Martin asked me some difficult questions which forced me to re-examine how I have been approaching my work.  Whilst this was confronting at first, it enabled me to ultimately make meaningful self-improvement. He has made a big difference in the trajectory of my career but just as importantly in how I go about my life outside of work.  I would highly recommend Martin to any senior manager or executive looking to improve their performance.”

Andrew Jessett, CEO, Mineware: “As a somewhat introverted leader, the idea of an external person coming in and observing and guiding myself and the team in such an intimate way was a foreign concept. While this was a different, and sometimes confronting experience for me and other team members, after only a short period of time we established a deep level of trust in Martin and the approach. This trust enabled us to tackle complicated and sensitive issues very openly and effectively and remains key to unlocking success. Our development, both individually and as a senior team, through the coaching journey has been remarkable. I have absolutely no doubt that we could not have achieved our company growth and our personal growth without our coach to support and guide us. I do not believe there would be any business, regardless of size, whose management and leadership teams would not benefit from the introduction of such a program.”

Craig Jennings, Managing Director, NCR Corporation: “Martin has been hugely instrumental in helping my leadership team and I drive a number of complex changes around our structure, strategy, sales management and sales methodology to improve overall sales performance and reduce costs. Feedback from all team members who have interacted with Martin has been excellent. As well as improving skills and increasing productivity I have also seen our culture become a lot friendlier and professional across internal silos as his work has helped foster a lot more team interaction. I highly recommend Martin’s services to all executives and business leaders who are serious about their personal development and that of their organization/employees. Martin will very quickly understand your business and can help you unlock hidden capabilities, build a performance culture and challenge you to think differently.

Darragh Carey, Finance Director, Dell EMEA: “The year, we worked together was a very successful one for me and for my team, and for sure. I can contribute much of the success to your support and advice. I found your coaching hugely beneficial. And I would strongly recommend you to anyone who is serious about progressing their careers in an effective and balanced way. I believe I have developed into a much stronger leader over the past year. I am more effective. I think acted differently. And my impact on the business has increased substantially. I would like to thank you for your assistance in helping me achieve this. And for embedding key fundamentals into my leadership style, which will enable me to continue to develop and take on new increased challenges, and thrive with them.

David B Scott, Managing Director, Emerson Network Power Australia: “Martin’s rich business background and empathetic but direct approach really hits home. He quickly grasps the situation and responds with authority and believability. We introduced Martin, to our Asia Pacific president, who was also impressed and Martin was asked to facilitate a three-day workshop with all the senior management team in Singapore. This was the best team workshop I have attended and we got real concrete action plans out of it, which we are using to manage our business, over the next couple of years. I highly recommend Martin to any company or individual who wants to improve. His no-nonsense/challenging style works.

David Wright, Vice President and General Manager, Hewlett Packard PSG: “I believe you have added huge value to improve Hewlett Packard’s results and focus by the way you have worked with my teams and me personally to help design, and execute market winning strategies. In particular, your ability to provide a positive and independent view to the team, as well as to facilitate planning and individual development has given the teams and individual members of the teams far greater confidence and ability to perform. Thank you for all of your work with my team.

Paul McNay, Organisational Development Manager, Holcim ANZ: “Martin can be relied upon in his coaching assignments to ‘cut through’ to the root causes of performance and hold people highly accountable and committed to improving. His methods are sound and have seen him dealing with all levels of the business on a regular basis.

John Lautze, Finance Director, Intel EMEA: “I was offered the opportunity to work with Martin early in my current assignment. I have been involved with a number of coaches and coaching programs in my 15 years at Intel. They have proven of limited value to my success at Intel, so I was reluctant to work with another coach. After feedback on Martin from a number of peers, I agreed to proceed, but I was very sceptical. Martin’s practical approach quickly won me over. He focused our engagement on what I needed to achieve in my current role for Intel for my organization, and for my career. We worked to identify specific items that needed to be achieved in each area, and most importantly, how I would reallocate my time to those specific areas and stop spending time in less important areas. I worked with Martin for six months. And I believe at the end of that time I’m more valuable to Intel. I am helping my organization more, and I am clear on how I am developing myself, which makes me value Intel more. I would highly recommend Martin to anyone willing to be coached, and even to some are not willing like myself, but could really benefit from coaching.

Lloyd Zenari, CEO, Mine Site Technologies: “I am pleased to say that Martin Hoyle worked with my leadership team and I to help us improve both personally and commercially, and to ultimately deliver improved results to our business. Martin was originally commissioned to work with myself; our CFO; our GM of Sales/Marketing, and our Engineering Director – which can only be described as a very broad range of individuals and personalities from accountants to sales, to the super-technical.  Martin holds an uncanny knack to very quickly identify and relate to the people he is working with; get to the crux of the matter; and the required actions to affect change and improvement. This is perhaps his greatest strength, as given that at Mine Site Technologies we “do not suffer fools lightly” and we all seek significant results (and fast), we all came away from the experience much the wiser and more effective in our roles.Given his early results, and the feedback from my team, we asked Martin to work with a broader sub-set of our group which included HR, Project Managers, and other sales & technical staff. Again the results were exceptional and all came away from their sessions looking for more. It is with confidence that I can recommend Martin to any company, team or individual looking for help, and I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this personally to provide any additional information required.

Andy Hill, CEO, Oniqua: “We were seeking an executive coach to work, initially with the two company founders at a point of inflection for the Oniqua business. Martin came highly recommended by a number of technology companies, and we very quickly understood why! in a very short time, Martin was able to make a real difference on both a personal and company level. He provides a challenging but supportive external perspective, a valuable source of best practice and inspiration. As well as being a wise, and experienced sounding board. We have particularly appreciated Martin’s flexible and proactive approach to helping individuals and teams in support of the company’s objectives, which has allowed Martin to quickly earn the respect and trust of all staff, to the point where he is considered very much part of the team. I highly recommend Martin’s services to anyone looking for an executive coach.

Martin Percival, HR Director, Stepstone Solutions: “I have worked with Martin on a variety of assignments with both my current company, stepstone, and my previous organization progress software. Martin has carried out a wide range of executive coaching assignments plus team development activities for people based across the whole of Europe plus Asia Pacific during this period. Martin is very down to earth and tells it, as he sees it. He is prepared to take on board some very challenging projects that other coaches might shy away from. His approach is to be very pragmatic and honest. He supports the development of senior executives using methodologies that really do work in your day to day working life, and can make a big difference, not only to the executives themselves, but often, more importantly, their teams. Martin is a great sounding board and he works well in an international context. He has a very broad background and will make a major difference in any organization.”

Vito Vavala, Executive Services Manager, NCR Corporation: “Over the past 2 years I have been fortunate to be to work with Martin Hoyle as my Professional Coach whilst at NCR. Martin’s honest and straight forward approach enabled me to really understand my strengths / weaknesses, how I see myself, how others see me and even dispelled some of my preconceptions of what I thought management / leadership was or needed. His vast knowledge base has been built over many years and across many organisations both locally and globally. The methods he uses to extract clear thinking and getting the core, assisted me greatly when faced with unfamiliar territory, difficult decisions or handling aspects of future roles I was interested in. Martin has, through the use of F2F meetings, phone and video conferences, real life experiences, recommended reading materials and a genuine interest to see me succeed, has provided me with all the support and guidance needed to achieve my goals. His ability to understand, get to the core of things and provide actual usable guidance is a true gift to any person or organization that wants to make a real impact or change. I have learnt a great deal both professionally and on a personal level, allowing me to extend and grow as a person”.

Martin Hoyle

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